Hi, welcome to my page. My name is Miyu and I am a product designer and make up artist. I live in Vienna and my passion are dolls. Thank you for the watch.

Picture Day Draculaura is now on ebay :)


My “Bluebeard Vampire Cam” ;) He becomes a merman ;D and two Draculaura repaints.

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Ever After High Hunter and Ashlynn repaint :) I hope they will not break up…

Art Class Skelita Repaint. I love this doll, she is so beautiful and her big eyes are so cute <3
Disney Frozen Dolls Repaint: Elsa and Anna. They will get new bodies and new outfits :)
This is my Jane. I like her character. She is such a sweety :)
So, I have to say, Honey is such a cute girl. I love her. Repainting her alligator mouth was a little bit difficult, I did not like her teeth on the original, because they are on her lips. Now she has a bigger mouth ;D

New Repaints :D I love Clawdias smile :D

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I proudly present…the Monster High Pin Up Girls :) They are available on my Etsy ;D Thank you very much for viewing my stuff <3 You can view the whole photoset on my facebook or my website <3

This was fun, and I love the little girls very much. I think I will do more stuff like this :D

Monster High Pin Up Dollies

Hello :) On Facebook or my website you can view the whole Monster High Pin Up Girl Photoset :D Hope you like it :) 

Pin Up Girl Operetta in black lace and nylon ;) First photo of a set. Pictures with Lagoona, Venus, Robecca and my Vanilla will follow :)
Thank you for following me &lt;3 Wish you all sweet dollies :D

Happy No Shame Sunday :D This is me, with a pink wig, and my favorite Doll Rosaria. Wish you all a happy new year! I am going to do some BJD face ups and a new line, Pin Up Monster High Dolls. XOXOXO

Skull Shores Frankie with rerooted black saran hair and comic style repaint&#8230; She has got a widow outfit, too, I just have to do a photoshoot with her ;D
Just a quick doodle: Firusha, my Doll Chateau Agatha. Time to get her a Face Up :D